Thursday, 18 April 2013

Acetylene Plants Offer Capacity from 10 m³/hour to 200 m³/hour

With the development in the technology, people have started expecting hi-tech technology when it comes to plants, including acetylene plants. While purchasing the plants, you need to ensure you are going to get associated with a reputed and esteemed company. An esteemed company uses high quality and CE approved raw materials in order to ensure efficient working of their plants. Indian acetylene plants are acclaimed globally for their many features such as low operating cost, low maintenance cost and easy to operate.

In order to add Excellency in their products, the plant manufacturers work under the brand name of “Cryofusion and Mandressi Italia”. The latest technology of the company guarantees of longevity of its plants, which is minimum 30 years. The companies use highly efficient and reliable turbine expander and rotary air compressor from Atlas Copco, Belgium to make the acetylene gas plants work on low pressure and offer optimum result.        

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