Monday, 25 February 2013

Industrial Oxygen Gas Plants by BDM Cryofusion & Mandressi ITALIA with Attractive Range

BDM Oxygen gas plant

We are leading manufacturers and suppliers of Oxygen Gas Plants , small air separation plant from India. Which is used Industrial and medical Purpose Our Oxygen Manufacturing Plants  is presence manufactured as per the latest technology and design of the Brand Cryofusion and Mandressi Italian. BDM Industrial Oxygen gas plants are best in design, trouble free operation, lowest maintain and running cost lifetime duration . We manufacture these Gas plants with various options & capacities ranging from 30 m3 /hr to 800 m3 /hr. gas, partial gas and liquid or 100% liquid to suit to the customer’s requirement.
  • Range: 1,000 - 10,000M3/hr
  • Purity: Oxygen -99.6%  &   Nitrogen -99.99% or 3PPM 

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Acetylene plant supplier | acetylene gas plants | acetylene plants manufacturers

               BDM Acetylene Plants

BDM Cryofusion & Mandressi ITALIA manufactures and exports a range of high performing acetylene gas generator . These plants are used in various industries for generating acetylene. The acetylene (C2H2) is a compound of carbon and Hydrogen that is colorless and highly flammable gas. It is slightly lighter than air and has a garlic-like odor. Acetylene is stored in high pressure cylinders filled with a porous material and contains acetone, in to which the acetylene is dissolved.
Unless it is dissolved in a solvent, acetylene will isolate at pressures above 15 psig and form lamp black and hydrogen. Heat is generated with dissociation, which in turn, produces a danger of explosion. Acetylene is manufactured by the reaction of water with calcium carbide. It is also manufactured by thermal cracking of hydrocarbons, or by partial deflagration of methane and oxygen.
Prospering on intensive research and designing facilities, they BDM Cryofusion & Mandressi ITALIA have been able to manufacture highly multilateral acetylene plant. All the parts of our plants are fabricated using very best quality materials implementing complete quality control to meet the drawings of our clients. Provided with a central control panel, these acetylene plants are highly safe and fully automatic and digitally controlled. All the operations are automatic and performed by imported pneumatically controlled valves assisted by highly sensitive sensors along with the temperature controlled instruments. Complying with set norms of safety, our plants are equipped with flash back arrestors, high pressure reverse flow check valves and provide protection to both equipment and operators.
BDM Acetylene Gas Plants
The Acetylene plant is highly safe and reliable and is FULLY AUTOMATIC as it is supplied with a central control panel and is digitally controlled.
 All the operations are automatic and performed by imported pneumatically controlled valves assisted by highly sensitive sensors along with the temperature controlled instruments. The whole plant is designed with utmost safety in mind along with flash back arrestors, High pressure reverse flow check valves and complete help to protect both the equipment’s and the operators.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Gas Oxygen Plant

BDM Cryofusion & Mandressi ITALIA  Gas Oxygen Plant this gas plant produced Oxygen which uses in varies area like hospital , Industrial  

  • Medical grade oxygen as per American/European pharmacopeias
  • Molecular sieves of zeochem Swiss of special grade for total carbon dioxide
    moisture and hydrocarbon removal
  • Very compact design and easy to operate
Gas Oxygen Plant Layout:
  • Fast and Easy to operate
  • Compact Design
  • Latest Technology
  • Practically Zero Maintenance
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Liquid Air Separation Technology.
  • Skid Mounted.
  • High Purity of Nitrogen >99,5% (99.999% Optional) Suitable for
    Soft Drinks/Juice/ Beverages and Industrial uses.
  • Liquid Nitrogen Pump (Optional) can be added for direct compression of Nitrogen into Cylinders
  • Single Electric Panel
  • Cylinder Filling Station (Optional)

  • Water Process
  • Ferrous Metallurgy
  • Non-ferrous Metal Refinery
  • Coal mines
  • Pharmacy
  • Others: Chemical industry production, solid garbage burning, concrete production, glass manufacturing, medical oxygen

Oxygen Gas Plants Manufacturers | Oxygen Factory | oxygen plant manufacturers India

BDM PVT. LTD. Is  a professionally managed organization and have impressed a position for ourselves  in the worldwide market. BDM is  provide technically more oxygen gas plants , acetylene Generators, Air Separation Plant that find application in different trades such as water process, ferrous metallurgy, coal mines, pharmacy, chemical and many others.
Oxygen Gas Plants gas plants working proses

Step 1 :-  air Pas air compression unit   this section compress air and air go
Step 2:- Air Separation Unit for Air Separation
Step 3:- evacuation unit evacuate air
Step 4:- oxygen buffer vessel
step 5:- oxygen compression unit
Step 6:-back-system
Step 7:- Finally you get the Oxygen with Purity: 99.6% For more Info........