Monday, 18 February 2013

Oxygen Gas Plants Manufacturers | Oxygen Factory | oxygen plant manufacturers India

BDM PVT. LTD. Is  a professionally managed organization and have impressed a position for ourselves  in the worldwide market. BDM is  provide technically more oxygen gas plants , acetylene Generators, Air Separation Plant that find application in different trades such as water process, ferrous metallurgy, coal mines, pharmacy, chemical and many others.
Oxygen Gas Plants gas plants working proses

Step 1 :-  air Pas air compression unit   this section compress air and air go
Step 2:- Air Separation Unit for Air Separation
Step 3:- evacuation unit evacuate air
Step 4:- oxygen buffer vessel
step 5:- oxygen compression unit
Step 6:-back-system
Step 7:- Finally you get the Oxygen with Purity: 99.6% For more Info........

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